Medical contact-plate

Medical contact-plate for skin diagnosis through Thermography

thermofolieThermography special foil (size: about 23,5 x 14 cm, temperature-measuring area about 13 x 12 cm) is a great help for the detection of such Vascular, lymphatic stasis in the connective tissue or cellulite, without these being visible externally. But also for the subsequent targeted advice and control. She is hung up on the skin under investigation region.

The investigation is fast, simple and completely harmless. Thermography special film retains indefinitely your temperature measurement features. She is a single acquisition can used over and over again and the test shall be repeated as often as desired.

With the high-sensitivity thermography special film can be differences in temperature of the skin optically visualized by microencapsulated liquid crystals. The result is a colored “heat map” that gives access to the local circulation in the subcutaneous tissue and the lymphatic stasis in the connective tissue.

Each color corresponds to a certain temperature that is

  • Low temperatures are indicated by the colors brown and red, which indicate a very poor blood circulation. The “coldest” temperature is specified by the brown shade. That means very badly perfused tissue and cellulite in the 3rd Stage.
  • Higher temperatures with green, purple and blue, are signs of a good to very good blood supply. The “warmest” temperature and thus the best blood flow is indicated by an intense blue color.
  • Intermediate temperatures indicate a different uniform circulation. To view for example the green and yellow shades Cellulite on the 2nd Stage, while pink-purple shades, as well as the different tonal blue, eg Cellulite in the 1st Stage show.

With thermography special film can thus already signs of such as inadequate blood flow or incipient cellulite are detected, without these being visible externally. In existing cellulite can by the thermographic film degree, the location and extent be accurately judged. After this diagnosis, e.g. be started with a successful targeted anti-cellulite treatment.

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