The healthy and proven treatment for problem areas and cellulite!

behandlungWhat does the method ANNEKE Khouw BODY CONTOUR?

Of the “Anneke Khouw” specially developed together with international dermatologist treatment for problem areas and cellulite practiced since 1983. This treatment method has set in natural healing practices and in the cosmetics industry standards.

Through the combination of 5 coordinated treatment steps above average and unsurpassed outcome. There is no healthier and more successful method with residual activity to problem areas and cellulite remedy.

Here is a high-quality method that can be successfully implemented on the basis of the required equipment and treatment techniques only by ANNEKE Khouw COSMETICS licensed institutions or practices.

The lying near you practice or a professional institute, please contact us in Neuss.

How does the treatment work in detail?

behandlungsraumFirst, a consultation takes place, together with a medical thermography contact sheet. By the laying on of contact thermography foil on the problem areas is emerging a thermal image of the skin. Depending on the color of the film is one of ANNEKE Khouw COSMETICS licensed and qualified person possible to identify the stage of cellulite and the negative deposits in the connective tissue. The approximate number of treatments required can then be called.

messungSince the stage of cellulite from woman to woman is quite diverse and include also depends on the particular physical condition, age and body weight, a number of necessary treatments are not published on the Internet.

Before and after each treatment to be treated body parts are measured, the sampling locations marked and recorded values.

The big success is the sophisticated and mature combination of five coordinated treatment steps.

massage1. Massage

As a first step, the problem areas are relaxed with a massage device and stimulates blood circulation. This also increases the capacity of the skin to the specially developed high-quality anti-cellulite seaweed gel.

2. Lymphatic drainage

drainageNow comes an instrumental lymph drainage with 4 different and special surfaces, rollers and suction electrodes. Lymphatics thereby be expanded and activated Lymphverstopfungen dissolved and enriched the blood with oxygen. The toxins can then be excreted through the vacant lymphatic system naturally.
Depending on the stage of cellulite it may be necessary and advantageous to separate some Lymphodrainage additionally carried out.

3. Massage of high quality algae gel

algengelIn the areas affected by cellulite body parts that ANNEKE Khouw BODY CONTOUR ® algae gel is applied and massaged. This high-quality algae gel was developed by “Anneke Khouw” in cooperation with international specialists from natural skin, specially selected seaweed in conjunction with aloe vera and other active ingredients. The high-quality algae gel is the result of “very good” dermatologically tested, allergy-tested, hypoallergenic tested and certified.

The quality ANNEKE Khouw BODY CONTOUR ® algae gel achieved with the active elements and valuable natural active ingredients through the depth better circulation and firming the skin. Estimated is the calming effect. In cooperation with the lymphatic drainage and the infrared-A rays, the crucial metabolic processes are stimulated. The body detoxifies and purifies.

bandage4. Lymphentstauende wrapping with cotton bandages

The treated areas are now wrapped with several 12 cm wide fabric bandages after a special technique. This winding has a draining effect on the lymphatic system: the lymphatic pumping movements are activated by the removal of toxins.

5. Infrared-A irradiation

Now the customer is 50 minutes relaxed under infrared-A irradiation. This infrared light is generated A rays, which have a range of up to effect in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. This blood circulation is improved, the intensified metabolism, relaxes the muscles and increases the feeling of wellbeing. By irradiation may also active and valuable natural active ingredients of seaweed gel better and penetrate deeper into the skin.

bestrahlungAfter completion of the treatment, the treated areas will be measured once again to the already marked places, note the values ​​and the lessons drawn centimeters.

To ensure the success between treatments or increasing, it is advantageous that at home first ANNEKE Khouw be BODY GEL and then massaged thin ANNEKE Khouw BODY CREAM in the problem areas. Both products are designed for supportive home treatment for cellulite and to problem areas and should always be used in combination.

How much is a treatment?

The classic basic treatment “legs and butt” costs from € 75, -.
Addresses of licensed institutions and practices is available upon request from us in Neuss

problemzonenIn summary, one can say that

There are many different methods and problem areas and to combat cellulite. Many have also come and gone by now. There are also current state of knowledge does not healthier and more effective treatment with long-term effect than that of “Anneke Khouw”.

“Anneke Khouw” has been in the 70s on the elimination of cellulite and problem areas, as well as the tightening of the skin, concentrated in collaboration with various national and international skin specialists and internists. The result is that since 1983, mature and sophisticated combination of success in 5 treatment steps, which even today is still standard.

Look forward to your future!

You will notice after the first treatment, your body takes the shape you want and you lose inch by inch in circumference. The treatment method for “Anneke Khouw” is high-quality and successful.