Body Gel + Body Cream

Body Gel

Anneke Khouw Body Gel

ANNEKE KHOUW BODY GEL is a gel formulation with active vascular and toning ingredients from various plants.

  • has stimulating agents which promote the circulation
  • leads to the vascular cells and vascular tonic stabilizing agents
  • activates the lymphatic system by the excited metabolism
  • after brush massages or massages felt with a sisal glove through the pleasant cooling effect of the gel very stimulating
  • are also required for varicose and spider veins

BODY GEL to massage is always towards the heart a circular motion until the gel is fully absorbed by the skin.

Body Cream

Anneke Khouw Body Cream

ANNEKE KHOUW BODY CREAM is a particularly rich body cream with specially chosen precious vegetable oils and fats for the intensive personal care.

Specially adapted for the body massage or body wraps. After applying the cream is formed because of the rich texture one refatting film. The conditioning effect surpasses body lotion products.

  • makes the skin soft and gives you more flexibility
  • highly recommended for dry, flaky and prone to itching and body skin
  • holds – through the protective film – the skin soft and supple
  • ideal for preventing stretch and pregnancy strips

BODY CREAM massage with light circular movements. Even after showering, bathing, or after the use of a sauna or solarium, apply to the entire body.