Firm skin by the “two-phase tightening method” to “Anneke Khouw” with the specially developed combination of success and BODY GEL & BODY CREAM

straffungSuggestions for home treatment. Firming and skin care for particular parts of the body, eg

a) against “clouds Stores” on the thighs and the upper arms

For many women in their mid 30 on the inside of the thighs and the upper arms occurs on a relaxation of the connective tissue. This phenomenon – the “clouds Stores” – is not to be confused with cellulite or “orange peel”.

The so-called “cloud Stores” phenomenon is a not so elastic connective tissue, so that the skin in places, “sag”. The affected areas are characterized by placing a “medical thermography diagnostic film” from blue, indicating a normally perfused but still slackened connective tissue.

wolkenstoresWith the following procedures are “clouds Stores’ treat successfully at home:

  1. The affected leg and Armpartien (knee to groin and elbow to armpit) to stimulate circulation dry brush or rub with a sisal massage glove.
  2. Rinse skin hot to open the skin pores.
  3. With his fingers first and then BODY GEL BODY CREAM thinly to the affected areas. By the BODY GEL contains natural substances, the metabolism is activated in the connective tissue.
  4. After brief exposure to BODY BODY CREAM GEL and thighs and arms evenly with cling film or plastic wrap (dimpling or wrinkling of the skin formation during winding) wrap.
  5. About the wrapped with plastic wrap legs as Coat and leggings e.g. in the upper arms a T-shirt and wear it to max. 2.5 hours kept on. This is necessary to – as a supplement to professional treatment – to achieve long-term success and this also maintain.
  6. After removing the plastic wrap the treated areas with little BODY CREAM rub again.

The best results are achieved when the treatment is carried out at short notice many times per week.

b) to tighten the skin on neck and chest

  1. Neck and chest massage with BODY GEL.
  2. Plastic wrap or cling film wrap evenly on neck and chest. About the film of the chest to wear a bra.
  3. About the plastic wrap on the neck, cleavage and the bra a moist warm towel wrap and give it a dry cloth. If possible let soak for about 1 to 2 hours.
  4. Remove plastic wrap on neck and chest and rub these body parts with thin BODY CREAM.

Here, too, will produce the best results when it is temporarily treated several times a week.

c) for the intensive care of the hands

  1. Hands and then rub with BODY GEL BODY CREAM. Then disposable gloves, plastic wear. Leave to soak for about 1 hour.
  2. After removing the gloves hands again with thin BODY CREAM massage.

The pleasing result is visible and tangible for every user a feeling of success.